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Everyone reacts to stress differently. During a public health crisis it is understandable that everyone feels more stressed than usual. Get to know the signs that you or someone you love is under stress, and methods to better cope with these feelings.

We are all spending more time at home to protect our health. But sometimes home doesn't feel like a safe place to be. If you are experiencing violence or controlling behavior in your home, there is help, even in the middle of a crisis. Safe Harbor is here to help. Their webpage can be translated into Spanish, and they have Spanish speaking providers on staff.

If you are in danger or experiencing an emergency, Call 9-1-1!

Julie Valentine Center, will facilitate online support groups for survivors of sexual assault and child sexual abuse. The Online Support Group is an anonymous online chat that allows members of the community who have been affected by sexual violence to connect with one another while discussing topics relevant to survivors and their supporters. Trained staff facilitate these groups to ensure a safe environment for all visitors. Groups and resources are currently in English, but a Spanish language resources from the Center are also available below.

Brenda Mancilla of Julie Valentine Center recommends the following online resources. RAINN provides a chat line and phone number to call for help with sexual abuse and assault for adults or children.  NSVRC has Spanish language resources to help recognize and prevent sexual assault.

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