Know Your DACA!

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

HA DREAMers Support the DREAM Act at the 2017 Citizenship Workshop

If terms like DACA and DREAMers are still a mystery to you, don’t be discouraged – GET EDUCATED! Download the Hispanic Alliance “DACA & DREAMers” info graphic

DACA represents a group of nearly 700,000 (as of September, 2017) young people who are living in a legal status “limbo” in America. An even larger number of youth are DREAMers.

Our info graphic will help you understand the difference in these terms.

DACA is an important political issue to both parties, with proposed legislation and executive orders directed at trying to resolve the issue. We explain why these attempts matter by providing facts to understand just some of the contributions that these groups have made to America.

Feel free to download and use this visual guide to help educate your class, your workplace, or your family about this central issue in the immigrant community. You will gain impressive knowledge, and understand what is at stake as attempts to resolve the future of these youth move forward. If you would like more information on how to empower and assist those with DACA status, please visit