Hispanic Alliance Recognized at Aspen Institute

This past month, our own Adela Mendoza was recognized as one of six global recipients of the McNulty Catalyst Fund Prize for her leading role in the Student DREAMers Alliance (SDA). The McNulty Foundation supports the work of the Aspen Institute Fellows as they innovate to tackle the worlds toughest social problems. In 2017, they launched the Catalyst Fund to support promising ventures at a critical https://www.hispanicalliancesc.com/mcnulty-prize-catalyst-fundpoint in their growth, helping them scale up their programs and their impact. SDA was chosen as the flagship project to introduce this new venture to the world. Read more about this groundbreaking honor for the Hispanic Alliance in our McNulty Press Release

Click below  ↓  to see the video premiered at the McNulty Prize Award Ceremony.

The students who participate in SDA have multiple barriers to overcome in order to fulfill their leadership potential. Consider supporting them by helping us provide expansive programing and scholarships to ignite their futures.


In 2015, Adela Mendoza made a public pledge in Aspen to equip young Hispanics to take on the next generation of leadership roles in South Carolina. Watch this interview during the Action Forum as she reflects on how this pledge gave birth to SDA.