Cuernavaca, Morelos


Dina Estrada


Dina is originally from Cuernava, Morelos Mexico - her family relocated in South Carolina and has made Greenville her home since 2004. At a young age, she was taught to challenge the stereotypical limitations attached to her cultural and economic background. Her goals were centered around breaking cultural norms and creating new ones. 


Her nomination into Bridges to a Brighter Future, a nationally recognized college access program, and her application for DACA status in 2012, offered her the first legal opportunity, as well as important tools, to continue her education. She received a full ride to Furman University. Taking full advantage of this path, Dina engaged fully in student life, serving leadership roles in student government and HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Learning and Awareness), and serving twice as an intern at Hispanic Alliance.


She has gained work and life experience by working with Bridges to a Brighter Future, Mosaic After School Program, Furman Tutoring Services, State Farm, Furman Housing & Residence Life, and Import and Export Company. Her experience expanded as she lived, traveled and studied abroad in China for approximately half a year.  Her persistence in advocacy cannot be overstated. Dina has participated in mentoring young DACA students as advocates and traveling to our state and national capitols to speak with law makers about the future of DACA recipients. She graduated in May of 2018 with a double major in Communications and Asian Studies.


Returning to the Hispanic Alliance is a natural choice, and she excels at pursuing and establishing new community connections, and organizing and executing community team events. She served as the staff team lead for the 2018 Health Cooking Class, and is a diligent point-person for community members seeking information at the office. Her lived experiences and vibrant energy will continue to be an asset to her as our Programs and Outreach Coordinator.

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