Debbra Alvarado

Debbra’s keen sense of organization, ability to lead a wide variety of teams and groups, all while maintaining a level-headed and kind demeanor, make her invaluable to our Alliance. Her work requires excellent attention to detail and efficient task-management, in addition to attending to the questions and needs of clients, volunteers, and community leaders.

Born in Puerto Rico, she has lived on the mainland U.S. for 10 years, completing a B.A. in Communications at USC Upstate. She maintains strong ties with her island heritage, and is the secretary for Boricuas en Upstate SC, a community organization of Puerto Ricans.

With over 7 years of experience managing sales teams and working with customers, she has learned to cultivate a strong voice and analytical skills to solve problems, and keep projects and meetings advancing. Her role at the Hispanic Alliance is complex, and includes specializing in Board of Directors meetings and communications, Executive Administration, coordinating logistics of events, and providing essential resources and referrals to our walking clients.

Her deep concern for youth is evident in her choice of work and volunteer activities. As a U.S. Soccer Federation certified coach and referee, she has led many teams of young boys to develop discipline, courage, and self-esteem. She continues this role as a facilitator in our Student Dreamers Alliance and in her work coordinating our Education Team Initiatives at schools.

Though Debbra prefers to lead from behind the scenes, she is equally gifted as a facilitator, and can flexibly adapt into new roles as needed. The high values she places on teamwork and cooperation, combined with her obvious passion for the community has made her an integral part of the staff. She inspires us to elevate the greater good in all our solutions.

P.O. Box 17934

Greenville, SC 29606


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