• Custodian

    Greenville, SC

    Greenville County School District

    Greenville, SC

    Date Available

    Tue Aug 11 2020 23:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

    Application Due

    Fri Jun 04 2021 23:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


    Hourly Wage

    $11.25 - $13.71

    How to Apply

    Visit the Greenville County School's website at www.greenville.k12.sc.us
    Click on the "Jobs" tab Click on the (green) "Hourly Positions" tab
    Click on the "Apply Here for Hourly Jobs" tab
    If you need help applying, click on the "Application Instructions" (Candidate Space External Applicant Instruction Guide) for assistance.

    Position Description

    Job Title: Custodian
    Functions: This is a semi-skilled employee who is directly involved in routine tasks associated with cleaning and maintaining buildings and grounds. The work involves cleaning, use of soaps, chemicals, waxes, and the use of various machines and equipment associated with custodian work. Minor maintenance and repair to the equipment, machines and building is expected. Work is reviewed through routine inspection and evaluation of the appearance and cleanliness of assigned work areas. Custodial work can be assigned to group or individual activity.
    Reports To: This person is directly responsible to the Head Custodian or Plant Engineer
    Performance Responsibilities: 1. To clean floors, windows, fixtures, stairs, restrooms and doors with brooms, mops, brushes, and cloths 2. To operate various machines such as buffer, vacuum cleaner, carpet machine and lawn mower, etc. 3. To move various things such as trash containers, furniture, equipment, books, materials and various supplies 4. To do routine maintenance such as replacing light bulbs, fuses, starters, pencil sharpeners, etc. 5. To maintain mechanical equipment and heating and cooling equipment by starting, stopping and adjusting the controls switch 6. To maintain adequate inventory of supplies for assigned work area 7. To perform general manual labor incidental to school operation 8. To maintain school grounds by removing debris, trimming shrubs, cutting grass and related tasks 9. To open and/or close and secure the building(s) and raise and/or lower the flags 10. To be available for duty in the event the district has made the building available for use by the public 12. To perform related work as required
    Terms of Employment: The Head Custodian or Plant Engineer will establish the terms of employment by setting hours and days to be worked.
    This position is hourly paid in Salary Group H, Support/Hourly Salary Schedule D.

    Skills and Requirements

    Qualifications: 1. Must successfully meet the WorkKeys/WIN Test requirements at the Bronze Level and provide scores to HR. Test is not required, if applicant has an Associates/Bachelor degree or military experience (copy of DD214 is required). 2. Must be able to lift and move 35-50 pounds routinely 3. Ability to follow directions and perform routine duties with limited supervision.

P.O. Box 17934

Greenville, SC 29606


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