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    Sun Jan 02 2022 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


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    The Account Analyst analyzes existing customers’ business model and financial capacity to maximize the customer’s purchasing power and ScanSource, Inc.’s (“ScanSource”) revenue opportunities. Work with customers, Customer Service Department, and sales unit personnel to properly analyze past due accounts receivable balances, determine actions for prompt resolution, and direct daily activities to support prompt release of orders referred to Financial Services (“FS”). The Account Analyst will accomplish these goals through regular discussions with sales unit personnel, customer interviews, analyzing financial statements, reviewing public information, payment history, and explores potential collateral alternatives when necessary.

    Responsibilities include the administration of ScanSource’s benchmarking database as related to customers to ensure that the appropriate terms of sale and trade credit limit are offered to provide flexible financial services that are adaptable to the customer’s changing needs - now and in the future. Additionally, the Account Analyst will enhance the benchmarking database to expand business intelligence for the sales units and early identification of potential sales growth opportunities.

    The Account Analyst will ensure their compliance with FS guidelines and applicable commercial credit laws to maximize ScanSource’s profitable recovery opportunities within predetermined authority.

    Essential Job Duties:

    Account Analytics

    Responsibilities include the administration of ScanSource’s accounts receivable within an assigned portfolio of customers.
    Establishes and maintains a positive relationship with customers to expand the customer’s purchasing power by responding quickly and effectively to requests to maintain a superior customer experience with ScanSource. Communicates with customers to resolve past due invoices via payment and research customer’s assertions related to claims and deductions for timely resolution.
    Interviews existing customers as necessary to determine trade credit limit requirements by obtaining pertinent information for underwriting while recognizing valuable information, which may assist ScanSource’s sales efforts. Reviews and analyzes customer accounts for completeness and obtains additional information as required for timely and accurate order processing.
    Analyzes creditworthiness of existing customers to determine acceptable levels of risk. Autonomous signature authority up to twenty-five thousand and 00/100 dollars ($25,000.00) for approving trade credit extension; one hundred thousand and 00/100 ($100,000.00) through automated “Scoring Model”; and above one hundred thousand dollars through recommendations to designated Financial Analyst, Financial Manager of FS or Executive Director of RFS for approval.
    Inputs data from various sources into electronic “Scoring Model” including but not limited to financial data, trade credit report scores, and various other historical performance measures. Analyzes the business data in order to discover and understand historical patterns with a focus on predicting and improving business performance in the future.
    Coordinates daily activities within an assigned area of responsibility to support group achievement of controlling past dues at or below an established percent of total past due and percent of past due over 30 days.
    Maintain control of past due conditions through consistent and timely follow-up within a large specific portfolio in short term investments consisting of accounts receivable, while exercising sound business judgment when evaluating sales opportunities to marginal risk accounts.
    Interact routinely with middle and upper management of internal and external customers (i.e. President, Chief Financial Officer, Controllers, etc.) to promote customer goodwill when involved in difficult or adversarial communications. Take the initiative to resolve the issue and/or recommend an action plan to FS Management designed to provide a solution and follow through to completion.
    Prepare monthly management reporting for accounts with defaults exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) for utilization by FS Management.
    Effective utilization of operational systems (i.e. FACTS, Getpaid, Electronic Customer Files, etc.) and guideline and procedures.
    Generate and/or actively maintain account activity (i.e. Electronic customer file and/or GetPaid History Notes, etc.) for customers within portfolio to insure proper documentation related to collection activity as governed by Fair Debt Collection Act.
    In extreme cases, may choose to recommend swift actions (i.e. Third Party Collections) for debt recovery with recommendation that the account be referred to legal counsel for legal actions.
    Manage refund request by proper research and recommend issuance of customer refund checks to finalize account closure.
    Attend FS education (i.e. FS Academy) and training activities as needed.
    Regular attendance is an essential function of the Account Analyst position.

    Supports FS Management Team

    Support the administration, coordination, monitoring and reporting of operational performance to the RFS management team to ensure operational effectiveness and efficiencies.

    Compiles and evaluates data for benchmarking, credit score validation, and daily/monthly/quarterly management reporting.
    Maintains close communication with ScanSource personnel (i.e. FS team, sales teams, etc.) to ensure adequate professional services for both external and internal customers.
    Update accounts information daily or as needed into existing systems (i.e. FACTS, GETPAID, and Electronic Customer File).
    Supports FS management by identifying and providing relevant information related to changing trends on a customer’s account (i.e. change in financial condition, change in payment patterns) discovered during daily activities.
    Notify management of red flags (i.e. changing trends in customer’s financial condition) in preparation of quarterly Bad Debt Reserve report.
    Assist with internal compliance audits and provide requested information to ScanSource, Inc.’s internal auditor.
    Communicates effectively with other FS team members assigned to accounts within the through financial reviews, activity logs, and other means of communication.

    Unclaimed Property Compliance
    Ensure compliance with ScanSource’s FS guideline for Unclaimed Property by reviewing reports, performing research, and contacting customers.
    Obtains monthly report of customer accounts in a credit balance or zero balance (i.e. open credits equal to open debits), older than 180 days. Performs the necessary research and contacts the customer to identify a sales opportunity and/or resolve the credit transactions before they become 12 months old. Communicates and coordinates with Account Analysts as necessary for resolution of credit balances with customers.

    Process Effectiveness and Efficiencies
    Assists with the development and implementation of continuous process improvements through productive feedback related to guidelines and procedures to promote additional operational efficiencies, more rapid order processing, and improved customer experiences. This incorporates the automation of the customer application decision and approval process.
    Properly documents procedures to allow for adequate and efficient back-up coverage to ensure compliance with internal controls.
    Other duties assigned.

    Reporting Relationships:
    Reports to Financial Manager, FS
    Interact routinely with middle and upper management of internal and external customers (i.e. Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Controllers) to promote customer goodwill when involved in difficult or adversarial communications. Take the initiative to resolve the issue and/or recommend an action plan to Financial Manager, RFS designed to provide a solution.

    Minimum of a Bachelor degree in Accounting/Finance or two years relevant working experience within credit and financial management disciplines.
    Strong communication skills and ability to relate well to all levels of management
    Strong problem solving, decision making, and timely follow-up skills with demonstrated abilities to work well within defined time restraints and pressure situations.
    Organization skills, time management skills and possess qualities of leadership, professionalism and teamwork.
    Must be highly proficient in computer software applications (Microsoft Office: Excel and Word) and demonstrated ability to learn mainframe applications.
    Must be extremely thorough, self-starter and disciplined to working with little or no supervision.
    This individual must demonstrate a commitment to excellence.
    Multi-tasking in a fast paced environment by introducing alternative financial solutions within predetermined risk parameters.

    Secondary language fluency (Spanish, Portuguese, French, German) preferred but not required
    SAP Experience

    Physical Requirements:
    Ability to sit a computer terminal for long periods of time
    Ability to be physically in attendance at workstation at designated company office location during normal business hours designated for the position.
    Ability to lift ten (10) pounds.
    Ability to travel up to ten percent (10%) of the time.
    An essential function for this position, based on business necessity, is that the employee must be physically in attendance at his/her workstation at the designated company office location during the normal business hours designated for the position.

    ScanSource, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

    Skills and Requirements

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