• Bus Driver

    Greenville, SC

    Greenville County School District

    Greenville, SC

    Date Available

    Tue Aug 11 2020 23:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

    Application Due

    Fri Jun 04 2021 23:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


    Hourly Wage

    $15.21 - $19.06

    How to Apply

    Visit the Greenville County School's website at www.greenville.k12.sc.us
    Click on the "Jobs" tab
    Click on the (green) "Hourly Positions" tab Click on the "Apply Here for Hourly Jobs" tab
    If you need help applying, click on the "Application Instructions" (Candidate Space External Applicant Instruction Guide) for assistance.

    Position Description

    Job Title: Bus Driver

    Job Goal: To transport students to and from school and school events in a
    safe manner.

    Performance Responsibilities:
    1. Transport students/passengers to and from school and events
    2. Supervise and assist passengers (including disabled) to get on and
    off the bus
    3. Perform pre-trip inspections daily
    4. Discharge passengers at authorized stops only
    5. Maintain rules governing passenger conduct on bus
    6. Collect and submit personal items left on bus to bus office
    7. Complete and maintain accurate and timely records and reports, i.e.
    time sheets, mechanical reports, route descriptions, seating charts,
    8. Attend scheduled in-service training
    9. Adhere to regular service schedule for bus
    10. Clean bus, i.e. sweeping, washing front and back windows, etc.
    11. Maintain positive communication with school personnel, parents, students
    12. Dress appropriately
    13. Perform other duties as assigned

    Reports To: This person is directly responsible to the Bus Supervisor

    Terms of Employment: Nine (9) Months on the Bus Driver Salary Schedule.

    Skills and Requirements


    1. High school diploma or equivalent preferred
    2. Eighteen (18) years old to obtain a SC bus certificate
    3. Valid SC Driver’s License for a minimum of six months
    4. Four (4) or less points against current S.C. driver’s license
    5. Four (4) or less points in previous twelve (12) months
    6 Successfully pass D.O.T. Alcohol and Drug Testing
    7 Successfully pass D.O.T. Physical
    8. Successful completion of the written and driving portions of the SC
    School Bus Training course and CDL program
    9. Available for regular work schedule

P.O. Box 17934

Greenville, SC 29606


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